Balance Vol. 2

by Dustin Morris

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released April 23, 2014



all rights reserved


Dustin Morris Denver, Colorado

Dustin sings from the heart and sounds like Jeff Buckley and Bruce Springsteen dancing to an Arcade Fire song, while bumping into Soul and Folk on a crowded dance floor.
Strapped with a Jumbo guitar, a few harmonicas, a bass drum and a tambourine, he's giving a hard push to spread the word of his newly recorded, Balance Vol. 2.
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Track Name: Departed Like a Train
When you get home, be sure to call me.
It's doesn't have to be the same day.
Maybe the next week or just when it feels right.
Maybe it will feel right, right away.
I would give it up, no I can't fool you.
I don't have anything but nothing to lose.
I would bring it home and maybe be remembered, or regarded as a stranger, departed like a train.
I'll always miss the way you used to stay.
You're someone to know and baby that is crucial in these hard times that surround us everyday.
There's no easy way to put this.
There's no better way to put this.
Track Name: Chasing This Dream
Well I close my eyes and I see the road.
Two more hours to my show in Amarillo, but all I want to do is lock myself inside my room and talk to you.
I've had a good deal to unwind, talk to myself is what I do with my time.
Mile after mile, I decipher my life.
I miss my wife in Dallas and my dog in Colorado off 25.
'Cause chasing this dream is harder than the real world.
Out there, there's a soft bed to lie on and a warm body to call my own, and a handshake from a friend asking about your day in the most sincere way.
I get to Wichita just in time to introduce myself and I wipe the sleep from my eyes.
I don't see the flyers hung up I sent, that's nice.
I could barely afford the postage price.
Still, I make it known that I appreciate them.
I'm glad to be here, I'm taking request.
I hope my volume don't scare off your guest or be too intrusive to your dinner.
Just 20 more songs and I'm on the road, setting up camp in the plains of Kansas.
Now Oklahoma City treated me alright, though I played for the bartender all night.
Tomorrow's going to be better.
I'll be in Arkansas with my friends, Mat and Casey took me in.
The Ozark's, there's nothing like it.
I miss my wife in Dallas, she's the climax to everything that I write.
Now I'm speeding across the Texas state line, a few more hours I'm holding her tight.
It's looks to be one hell of a day.
I can see those green eyes staring back at me and my heart knows it's going to be ok.
Soon it'll get it's medicine and beat again.
Track Name: Standing By
We wake up hours early just to fall asleep and on the way back from the alarm you touch me.
Then we stumble back to our dreams.
It's just another work morning.
I talk to you through the shower, I feel your steam.
Maybe tonight won't be that far away.
With the world standing by, we plan our lives.
Don't know what you just said, I'm hypnotized.
I'll forget your past if you forgive mine.
Then we'll plan our ties.
I travel slowly through my day and my mind.
Counting hours does not help me unwind.
Soon I will be stumbling my way back to you.
I hope your day was way better than this.
Soon we will be inside our night time bliss.
Then we'll stumble our way back to our room.
We'll get closer and closer.
Track Name: Little For Me
It's not easier with the lights down low.
I still can remember you face.
It's not easier with you standing so far away.
It's not easier knowing you could be happy without me.
It's so hard to be the things that I used to be.
I want the world for you and little for me.
It's not easier to breathe these days.
I can't breathe you in.
It's not easier trying new things because sometimes I just can not win.
It's not easier knowing you could be happy without me.
I'm growing old without you.
I just don't don't want to die alone.
Track Name: Festival Town (Lyons, CO)
Rock fortress in the river, buried to our knees in priorities to protect yourself from the sun.
Smell someone cooking something good. Mind if we join? We bring some helping hands to help out our brother.
I already miss it, stretching up to the sky.
I really love who I'm with.
I already miss, driving back to Denver's city lights.
I'm glad to be back home, but a whole year to wait is way too long.
This summer didn't start out quite like we planned, but in the end, way faster than intended.
Looks like we found something good, a gem to hold tight, a new tradition.
God bless this festival town.
In the sunshine, with guitars and babies.
The making of a good time.
I can't wait to do it again.
Too long to see the mountains, too long to hear the music.
All the happiest faces in one place and I don't know what I did to get so lucky today.
Track Name: Start Over
You take it all in, but you don't know, do you?
Just what in the world they're talking about.
It all makes sense inside your head before presented, your words fall apart before they even leave your mouth.
It's so much easier said that done.
Day after day you grow further away from everyone who cares for you, sometimes you just have to pick yourself up and start over.
So say what you mean, and mean it all the time.
Your light will only shine for so long.
And when you are down, you'll find it easier to come back around, there's nobody like you.
The engine rips through the sky of the city and they never look back..
You had your plans to go, but your plans run dry.
Your calendar's filled with pencil markings never solidified.
You're afraid if you go you won't ever come back.
Track Name: Inside Up Sideways
I can't seem to open up my eyes. the lights from the blinds are seeping through. I'm so bad at names the first few times, but I got yours. You got it all. Inside, upsideways. You can do what you want. Inside, upside down. We can do it all. Dark blue is my favorite color too. You can do so much with so little. Dark red was once in my head. Saddened eyes there's little time.